Our Story

Hi, I'm Elle, and in my journey of wellness for over a decade, I've found that lighting candles isn't just a small act of delight—it's a source of personal healing. For me, the ritual of burning candles has been a gentle reminder to take care of myself, meditate, and find inner strength.

However, I faced unexpected challenges with the beloved candles that I was buying and using. After experiencing persistent coughing from using what I thought were popular and natural candle choices, I realized the need for a healthier, truly non-toxic option that could bring the same sense of solace and well-being.

After immense research, I found that the candle industry was largely unregulated for human and pet health. Many candles were unsafe to use regularly. I couldn't find peace of mind when using candles that were currently on the market. I hesitantly ended up halting my candle use for over two years. When speaking to others, I found that I wasn't alone. Many people were having challenges with candles, like having irritation and actually not enjoying candles because the scent was too strong. This motivated me to find a solution.

This spurred me to embark on a mission to enable moments of wellness and delight with peace of mind. We do this through providing the cleanest candle on the market with high quality ingredients directly from nature.  I wanted to create a candle to uplift the mind and body, fostering a safe experience for the entire family. I envisioned a lightly scented candle, in a beautiful vessel, igniting moments of joy without the usual headaches and coughing often associated with heavily fragranced candles.

But my mission went beyond personal fulfillment. I wanted to share this with others, to offer a helping hand for those seeking their own moments of peace and healing in this unpredictable world - in a completely non-toxic way.

And that's how the idea for Candelle came to be— I made Candelle because I was able to enjoy candles again and I wanted to share these truly clean, non-toxic candles with others. Candles can be crafted in a positive way that is not only clean but without compromising on design and ambiance, and I'm absolutely thrilled to share this.

I hope Candelle enables you to enjoy candles again and helps you to find moments of well-being, delight, and personal healing as it did for me.

With all the feels and positive vibes,

Elle Kim, Founder of Candelle Inc.