How can I maximize my burn hours?

We recommend trimming your wick to ¼ inches before every burn. You want a relatively average size flame on your first burn, and the burn time should roughly be 3 hours; always monitor your candle during lighting sessions, and always place your candle on top of a heat resistance area. Do not burn your candle for more than 3 ½ - 4 hours at a time as this will decrease the life of your candle.

How do I know when my candle is finished?

Once your candle reaches ~1/2” of remaining wax, it is time to discontinue use. Burning a candle with little to no wax left is not recommended.

Where are your products made?

Our candles are hand-poured here in the United States. Our beeswax and cotton wicks are also made in the US. Our essential oils are handpicked typically from the plants’ or flowers’ home countries where they thrive and are sustainable.

Do you use preservatives or artificial fragrances?

We are proud about not using any preservatives or artificial fragrances. We only use pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from suppliers in the United States. Each essential oil comes with pages of details that proves that they come directly from nature and are immensely clean. Essential oils are not extracts (i.e., vanilla essential oils are not vanilla extracts) and they are carefully obtained through clean methods like steam distillation or cold pressing flowers, roots, etc. Thank you, Mother Earth!

Why beeswax?

When speaking with toxicologists and researching scientific studies, beeswax was the cleanest type of candle wax with a rich history of healing properties - and sustainable with the right providers! Also, all-natural beeswax has a romantic and cozy amber colored glow that is just absolutely delightful.

Are bees harmed for the production of your beeswax?

We have meticulously selected our domestic beeswax supplier who take care of their bees humanely and intimately with strong beekeeping practices. They have a philosophy that the best quality beeswax comes from healthy hives and we believe so too!

Sometimes I see brown lines in my candle during a burn. What is that?

Because we use all-natural beeswax from local farms, every batch of beeswax is truly unique depending on where the bees harvested! That is truly special but the sometimes there is finer pollen, honey, etc that remains in the beeswax. Don't mind it, it shouldn't impact your scent!

Is paraffin in your candles?

There is no paraffin wax in our wax blend. Our ingredients are all natural and are directly from nature.

Can essential oil candles fill a room with scent?

Our candles are lightly scented as nature intended, since our essential oils come directly from nature with no chemicals or additives. However, our candle scents do typically fill a room with this “lighter” scent as the sweet aroma disperses (of course, room size matters!). Pure, natural essential oils will smell different from chemically created scents. Imagine the aromas you smell while walking in a rose garden or hiking in an evergreen forest. This smell is lighter than what we are used to in artificial fragrances because of the history of fragrance chemicals in the candle industry. It is nearly impossible to make an essential oil candle that is as strong as a fragrance oil candle - nor do we want to! Our product supports natural scents that bring wellness to homes, without the irritation and headaches.

How do we know your candles are as clean as you claim?

Three reasons we are proud of are below: 1. We know exactly what is in our candles and we transparently share this with our customers, 2. We have visited many of our suppliers and all our essential oils come with test documents from our suppliers that prove their cleanliness, 3. We also perform personal tests in our lab for each small batch of candles to maintain our consistent and clean quality.

What kind of wicks do you use?

We use non-bleached lead-free 100% cotton wicks for our candles. Our cotton has been sourced domestically.

Why do your candles have three wicks?

We love the magic of three-wicked candles! They light up a room since they are brighter and helps the candle burn more evenly for that clean burn.

Why is there a crack in my candle?

Sometimes this can happen because of the hardness of the wax and not necessarily a bad thing! The performance of your candle is the same. Also, cracking indicates that you are getting quality, real beeswax with no chemicals or additives. Another indication of quality, pure beeswax is that the wax will sometimes leave gaps between the candle jar and the candle. Candles with beeswax containing paraffin and other additives will prevent this.

Do your candles melt during shipping?

Natural beeswax is a hard wax that keeps its shape well throughout the different seasons.

What is frequently asked questions?

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

THE ORDER (Fulfillment, Shipping, Return/Exchange Policy)

Order terms and conditions

All items in this sale are final. While supplies last. Prices as marked and subject to change.

How can I modify my order?

If you made the wrong choice regarding an item, we aren’t able to edit orders once they are placed. We would need to cancel and ask you to replace the order. Email us at hi@candelleinc.com if that is the case.

How long does it take to get an order processed?

Our typical processing times average between 2-3 days (except for candle refills which are made to order). Once an order is ready to ship, confirmation emails containing tracking information are immediately sent. We ask to allow 24 hours for the tracking information to update.

Can I reroute my package?

Once a package receives tracking information, it is no longer within our control. If a package is heading to a destination that you will not be able to receive safely, we advise contacting a friend or relative to receive your package safely. If the carrier is not able to make a safe delivery, in most cases the package will be returned to the sender. Should this happen we are able to refund the order, but not the shipping fee if any was paid for. Please email hi@candelleinc.com for more information.

My package says it was delivered, yet I don’t have it yet.

Some carriers prematurely mark a package delivered, or make the mistake by dropping it off at a neighbor or across the street. Most times carriers need about 48 hours to fix their mistake. We ask to allow sometime for the package to possibly show up late, despite the information on the tracking page. If more than 1 week goes by, please email us at hi@candelleinc.com and we will help you out from there.

What’s your return and exchange policy?

All sales are final. However, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we offer exchange policies for store credit. EXCHANGES: You may exchange your unused product for another product of the same size and price, within 14 days of order delivery. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with exchange orders. If you wish to initiate an exchange for an item of a different size or value, a store credit will be issued in lieu of an exchange. REFUNDS: Refunds are only given for cancelled orders that have not already shipped. Reimbursement of funds will be allocated back to the original form of payment used for the purchase. Please allow 5 business days for the refund to be processed. If the refund is applied to your credit card, your credit card company may take up to 10 additional business days to post the refund to your account. Refunds being issued as a result of an undeliverable order or a “Return To Sender” will be issued for the amount of the original order, less any shipping charges and fees that were incurred per our shipping policy. Thank you for supporting our small business and understanding our policies!

How long do I have to make an exchange?

From the delivery date of the package, you have 14 days to make an exchange. All products must be in an unused condition, sellable appearance, and unopened if seals are presented. You must email us at hi@candelleinc.com to obtain an exchange authorization number. You are welcome to use the same shipper box as long as the items are safely packaged for your exchange.

What if the item I want to exchange for is more/less?

 If you owe a difference, we are happy to invoice you digitally, from there it will process like a normal online order. If there is anything due back, we will credit the difference to the original payment form.

Do you provide shipping labels?

If you wish to be supplied with a label, the shipping fee will need to be deducted from your total order or charged separately.

Do you ship internationally?

Please email us at hi@candelleinc.com and we will accommodate you.

My candle vessel arrived damaged from shipping, help!

Sometimes these things happen when carriers mishandle our packages. Please email us your unboxing experience with a couple of photos and send to hi@candelleinc.com and then safely discard the broken merchandise. We can issue a one-time replacement free of charge.

How can I place a large one-time order (for wedding or corporate gifting)?

We love spreading the clean, nontoxic and beautiful candles, so please direct your inquiry to hi@candelleinc.com with more information. We would love to see how we can help and partner.


How can I learn more about partnerships with the press, influencer programs, giveaways, and/or collaborations?

For all partnerships, please get in touch with pr@candelleinc.com.