Impeccably clean ingredients. Hand-blown vessels, hand-poured art.

We’re a candle company dedicated to quality, care, and healing.

🌟 Clean ingredients from nature. MADE SAFE® approved.

🌿 Natural beeswax from U.S. organic farms

👨‍👩‍👦 🐶 Always kid and pup-safe

🌸 Our scents are made from 100% pure essential oils (no harmful fragrance oils here!)

🎨 Handmade glass vessels

🌎 Sustainable practices

What makes us different

We're certified clean. We're the first luxury candle company that has been MADE SAFE® certified.


Did you know that most big-brand candle companies do not disclose the harmful chemicals in their products?

We're believers in transparency and high-quality, clean ingredients for homes. We do not use harmful chemicals found in fragrance oils or paraffin/soy waxes - not even one drop! We source our ingredients directly from nature. We even work with third-parties like MADE SAFE® to ensure we are not compromising on ingredient safety.

So, when you light your gorgeous candle, you can do so with complete peace of mind.

Hear what people have to say about us

Starlit Romance is a mood! I  still can't believe an all-natural candle can create such a perfect date night atmosphere. Perfectly balanced without being overwhelming. 

- Jessica Y.

Evergreen Breeze doesn't give me a headache but still smells good! I love that it's lightly scented. I personally find some candles companies to use wayyyy too much scent. But maybe that was just the chemicals.

- Ellen B.

I like that this candle is safe for the entire family. Also, the candle jar is really high end. You can tell it is hand-made. I would definitely put it in the dishwasher and reuse it for around the home.

- Joseph K.

I gave Cozy Honey to my girlfriend. They're clean and they're nice to look at, especially at night time.

- Jacob D.

Spiced Cinnamon makes me feel like I'm at a cozy cafe. I can't believe this candle is completely clean. It is on the pricier end but the candle is big and the vessels are GORG which makes it worth it.

- Morgan Y.

I love Cozy Honey's smell! It’s not too much and not too sweet. A really nice delicate balance.

- Lan N.